Friday, September 30, 2011

Staff Spotlight: Operations

We tapped our operations manager Andrew and staffing coordinator Carlee to share what their favorite Seattle bars were - check out their favs below!

Keep checking back for more staff favorites and ideas...we will be featuring more in the coming months!

Andrew - Six Arms, Capitol Hill
One of my favorite places to go is Six Arms in Seattle off Capitol Hill.  First time I was ever there was after seeing a one-man-show called I Might Be Edgar Allen Poe.  We were sitting in the loft eating a mess of hand-cut fries and enjoying one of the house-made brews  (an absolutely amazing combination) and I looked over to notice a very large stuffed raven (“Nevermore!”) sitting on a chandelier at eye level looking at me…  Over the next few years, the number of birds increased steadily and slowly.  I was hooked!  The fries, the beers, the life-sized Shiva, the loft and the food are all great!
Carlee - Matador, Redmond & Ballard
I love to do happy hour with friends at the Matador in Redmond or Ballard. They have great happy hour specials and the food and drinks are great! I love that it’s not your run-of-the-mill bar and their tequila selection is unlike any other I have seen. 

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