Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tom Douglas Summer Camp 2011

Oh my Gosh does Tom Douglas and his team know how to have fun! Showing up early for my demo of  recipes from Fried Chicken and Champagne at Tom’s summer camp was a fun surprise. Morning breakfast of Eggs & Bacon with Manhattans was being cleared away and Prosecco was being popped for Chef Brock Johnson’s (of Dalia Lounge) demo of amazing pates and rillettes. On the 4th day of the campers Food and Beverage Marathon, I was certain the campers would be dozing off before “lunch”. No heads hitting the desk in this classroom! These campers were serious about their food & libation tasting. Maker’s Mark was the choice for the Peach Julep starting the sampling of Southern dishes prepared by Tom’s team that were perfectly executed. Campers commented most on the Watermelon Chutney with the corn fritters and the Frogmore Stew as their favorites, though the Fried Peach Pie plates were cleaned also. Both recipes from the cookbook! After the southern mid-morning bites, they headed across the street for lunch at Palace Kitchen with Josh Henderson from Skillet (one of my new favorite spots).

Tom’s reputation for generosity spills over into everything he does and this camp experience was no different. I just wanted to take the rest of the week off and join the campers in their Fabulous Food Week. Rumor has it, next year’s class is already sold out!! 


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