Monday, July 18, 2011

Lions, Tigers, a Zoo, and a Wedding, Oh My!

This weekend was quite the wild ride!  Lisa Dupar Catering had two very special events - the Jungle Party for the Woodland Park Zoo and a lavish island wedding in Friday Harbor, WA.  There's usually a hustle when two big events are back-to-back, but our Woodland Park Zoo event was a four course seated dinner for 1,000!  This was our biggest event to date, and we had been prepping for weeks; to see it all come together was a truly remarkable!

Some unexpected "help" in the catering area!
The next day, our incredible staff made the long trip to Friday Harbor Island bright and early after working deep into the night at Woodland Park.  With the clouds looking ominous, we were worried the rain would put a damper on the evening - but that wasn't the case in the least!  Everything looked gorgeous and in true romantic fashion, only after the bride and groom made their way under the wedding tent did the rain come down!

Custom Design by LDC
 It was truly a fairy tale wedding and we were so excited to be apart of it!

Congratulations to the catering staff for an amazing job done!

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