Monday, October 25, 2010

Quillisascut Farm School Trip - October 2010

Our culinary team just spent 4 days at the Quillisascut Farm School with
Rick and Loralea Misterly. Our 9 chefs cooked together and "helped" Rick
and Loralea with their daily chores of milking goats, feeding goats,
dogs, cats, pigs, ducks, turkeys and a calf. We were "helpers" with
pressing walnut oil, picking vegetables, pressing apples for cider,
making goat feta & chevre.
We fabricated one of Rick's goats that he slaughtered for us to cook.
This was an enlightening experience for me as a chef. All cooks and
eaters need to make the connection that amazingly hard working people
raise the food we eat. Imagine being the person that gives up the life
of their farm animal (that has a name) they have cared for from birth
for our dinner. It is humbling and sobering. I've always appreciated
food and the work of our farmers, but walking a mile in their shoes is
something exceptionally different. As they graciously taught us ~
people also need cooks to take these hard earned ingredients and treat
them with respect. Respect includes not wasting, not over or
undercooking, not over preparing, over portioning and not

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